Car Insurance in Spain

You are resident or non-resident and recently bought a car in Spain or have entered your car in Spain? We can insure your car with Spanish license plates. We offer different major car insurances that can be supplemented with additional insurance packages:

1.The basic insurance at Zurich concerns civil liability with the following basic coverage: liability insurance, travel assistance, legal assistance and insurance driver. The liability covers the damage your car caused to a third party. Damage to your own car is not covered unless you give an insurance endorsement.  

2.You can expand the basic coverage against fire, theft and glass breakage. In case of theft Zurich guarantees 100% of replacement value during the first 2 years of registration. This also includes the accessories and the damage caused during the theft.  

3.Omnium insurance covers all damage to Zurich in case of an accident, theft and fire, including the damage that you cause to your own vehicle. Both the damage done by yourself to your own vehicle to another vehicle is fully covered by insurance. For own damage, theft or fire, you can count on 100% of the guaranteed replacement cost during the first 2 years of your registration.  

Each car insurance from Zurich can be supplemented with additional insurance packages: The value package, the package of legal defence and an assistance package. Please contact us for more information.